Enterprise Resilience builds on the traditional concepts of business continuity management (BCM) and Information Technology disaster recovery IT-DR). Under a resilience model, an organization is gaining a deeper understanding of the various risks that could impact the business and ultimately affect the long-term survivability of operations. Although this structure requires a deeper understanding of the risks and how processes could potentially be impacted, our approach is designed to focus on the value drivers that are at the heart of the business.

With extensive experience in both the hands-on development of in-house programs as well as advising clients on program design, Solomon-Joseph offers a number of tailored enterprise resilience services to address your specific needs and budget:


  • Enterprise Resilience Program Development (New Program)
  • Enterprise Resilience Assessments (Existing program)
  • Enterprise Resilience Program Enhancement
  • Supplier/Vendor Resilience Assessments
  • Risk Assessment/Risk Analysis
  • Program Tabletops, Tests and Exercises
  • Enterprise Resilience Program Management Outsourcing
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Resilience Program Governance Planning
  • Training and Awareness Program Development
  • Executive Workshops


We've come up with some common scenarios that many businesses find themselves in when it comes to enterprise resilience. If any of these sound familiar, take our 60 second profile below to get a better idea for where your company stands.


Ten miles offshore and your well is not producing due to equipment failure.  A supplier to your supplier has been unable to source a part that is crucial to maintain your position over the well head…


It was absolute chaos!  No one knew what to do or where to go. We have an emergency response team, but the incident commander was offsite for training and her designated backup resigned four months ago with no replacement named.


Local news media have provided mixed reports on the chemical spill that triggered an evacuation in a rural community downstream from the plant.  An unidentified employee made several statements that are calling the company’s commitment to workplace and environmental safety into question…


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