In today’s corporate environment, we are often so preoccupied with the information security concerns that we overlook the physical environment which includes our buildings, facilities, equipment and personnel. Just as our networks can be compromised from cyber crimes, companies can be severely impacted by threats that impact our people and assets.  Whether you are a new start-up with a limited footprint or a large multi-national with global offices, Solomon-Joseph has the experience and resources to assist you in evaluating, designing, developing and implementing security procedures and protocols to protect your interest.

Partnering with you to help develop, enhance and/or implement the appropriate protection profile for your organization, Solomon-Joseph will commit its best resources to meet your requirements and specification.


  • Investigative consultation
  • Strategic Security Planning
  • Facility/Site Evaluations/Gap Analysis
  • Corporate Security Plan development
  • Large/Special Event Security Planning
  • Executive/Personnel Protection Consultation
  • Personnel Protective Services


We've come up with some common scenarios that many businesses find themselves in when it comes to physical or corporate security. If any of these sound familiar, take our 60 second profile below to get a better idea for where your company stands.


It’s 6:30AM and the food service delivery truck has started unloading near the corporate cafeteria. Instead of the normal delivery guy, a new person is running the route today. After an hour, the truck is still sitting near the cafeteria, and the driver cannot be located on any of the security monitors.  Following a quick call to the cafeteria supervisory, you learn that driver was spotted entering a stairway in the main office area with a black duffel bag…

Today’s corporate environments place additional stress on security organization due to ever expanding global footprints of some organizations. Even organizations that maintain operations within a single region, the physical security required to protect employees, visitors and company assets goes beyond having security officers monitoring the front desk.   Whether its geopolitical instability in close proximity to your operations or workplace violence at a domestic locations, companies are expected to have well-planned, formally documented and regularly practiced security procedures.

Our security group has deep experience evaluating security strategies in both the public and private sector. Based on our knowledge, we can help organizations assess their current protocols and provide assistance in enhancing existing capabilities.  In cases where formal procedures have not been developed, we can work with you to develop a comprehensive security plan that meets the needs of your organization.


During an internal audit of your corporate charges, it is noted that an employee in your purchasing group has at least one unusually large airfare charge once a month. Although she travels internationally on a regular basis, the charges seem extreme.  A closer look at her expense reports show that she is booking trips according to her plan; however, it appears that once a month she is buying two tickets for the same location.  She isn’t expensing the second ticket, but it’s a clear violation of the corporate card policy…

We believe that the majority of organizations do their best to hire employees that are honest and ethical. With rapid growth or in cases where there is an acute need for certain skills sets, the rigor around validating new hires may be compromised, which can expose an organization to major security risks.

Whether it’s padding expense reports or activities that violate the foreign corrupt practices act, each breach of trust can severely damage an organization if it’s not addressed swiftly and fairly.  As an independent group, Solomon-Joseph can investigate alleged misconduct and provide an objective analysis of the event, which can help shield internal groups from negative fallout.


After announcing a major round of job cuts at manufacturing locations around the world, your COO is traveling to one of the locations that bore 50% of all cuts. Even without the layoffs, it is a fairly dangerous location. To make matters worse, her destination is a small city in a remote part of South America so her arrival will be deemed newsworthy and has the potential to draw a lot of unwanted attention from protesters. Your company was the largest single employer in the town…

It’s an unfortunate reality, but travel can put employees in harm’s way…even domestically!  Whether your organization has high-profile executives that could be targeted for assault or lower level employees who travel to dangerous parts of the world, it is paramount that organizations have well thought out strategies to protect their personnel. Failure to do so could be easily construed as negligence or even gross negligence in certain situations.

As part of our personal protection advisory services, we work with you to understand your existing protocols and provide additional insights where appropriate.  Through our review, analysis and recommendations, we are committed to helping you provide an even greater level of assurance to your traveling employees and guests.


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